We care & value your money & nurture it well to grow & achieve all your Financial Goals of your life.

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Sharma Consultants

We are a leading financial services company based out of Thane, we offer a broad range of insurance, retirement and investment products and services to meet the diverse needs of both individual and corporate clients around the world.

Sharma Consultants offers a diverse range of insurance, wealth, and asset management solutions to help every Indian in their journey towards creating a financially healthier life

As our commitment to being a life insurer and financial planner, we provide:

  • Financial planning and guidance
  • Life insurance products for every life stage
  • Investment products for individuals, families, and companies
  • Health-focused products 
  • Exceptional client-servicing

About Amit,

Amit Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Sharma Consultants dealing In Investments, Insurance and Finance. He started of as an Independent Insurance Consultant in the year 2018 and is has grown the company exponentially by qualifying as Youngest IFA (Independent Financial Advisor ) in Thane District who has Qualified as a COT-USA Club Member 2022 & MDRT-USA Club Member since 2019.

 Being a people’s person, Amit loves understanding his client’s behaviour, thought process and life deeply to craft their finances with great accuracy. He also coaches young individuals to live an EMI Free Life & Have a Passive Income while they are young to enjoy the cash flow early




Team Player

I am available for

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One-on-One Counseling

Rs. 2500 - 15000 Depends on portfolio

We apply scientific financial methods to see the current & future valuations of the corpus needed as per your financial goals & then design a unique way to achieve those goals with precision.

Having a one-to-one consultation is an opportunity for me for an in-depth discussion in relation to your current Expenses, Budgeting, Emergency Funds, Existing Investments, Entertainment Budget, Loan Liability, Financial Future Goals.

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Online Consultations

Rs. 2500 - 15000 Depends on portfolio

Online Consultations are a great way to evaluate your existing portfolio wrt to your finances & make reports for the same, just a Zoom call away now

These reports are indicative that whether the corpus you need for your financial targets are achievable if not we reshuffle the assets. While your busy schedules dont permit you time to visit our office we have a provision to consult and advice you online in the present digital age

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Workshops & Webinars

Rs. 5000 per 60 min workshop

Financial Planning workshop & webinars are the most effective ways for Employees , Businessmen & Corporate Houses to actually learn to plan their Finances with scientific methods rather than just learning from others & in today’s era of digital services i.e. The DIY Method as it will never have a guide who can review & monitor whether your decisions are correct or not.

Our Success is solely due to our customers who have placed trust in us.

  • Youngest IFA (Independent Financial Advisor ) in Thane District who has Qualified as a COT-USA Club Member 2022 & MDRT-USA Club Member since 2019.
  • Ranked amongst Top 100 Health Advisors in entire Mumbai with Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Ltd & 100% Claim Settlement Ratio till date since Inception.
  •  Zonal Manger Club Member with Star Health Insurance
  • Attended Management Development Program (MDP) @ MDI Gurgaon as the Youngest MDRT qualifier in Feb 2020
  • Participated & Attended Various National Level Workshops in India for Financial Planning Skill Enhancement.

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